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The ASW Domain Global Youth Studies offers an interdisciplinary program of 30 EC focusing on contemporary social issues, cross-cultural phenomena and global trends seen from the perspective of youth. Participants in this Domain will learn to critically analyze and understand youth cultures, ‘youth problems’ and other youth-related issues not as isolated cases, but as central to broader processes of economic restructuring, social and political conflict, cultural (re-)production and popular expression. In this Domain, the lifeworlds, practices and politics of youth are seen to provide critical insights into current processes of social change. Furthermore, this Domain provides students with essential academic as well as practical and empathetic tools for further advanced studies of youth or future social work with youth. Upon successful completion of this Domain, students will have:

  1. gained a critical understanding of theoretical and social constructions of youth and youth issues from an empirically-grounded interdisciplinary perspective;
  2. acquired the analytical capacity to draw relevant connections between local youth issues and expressions, broader social structures and global developments;
  3. developed multifaceted, integrative and reflective methodological skills appropriate to the study of youth through individual and group research assignments;
  4. developed their capacity for original, critical analysis and argumentation through essay assignments on topics of their choice;
  5. strengthened their participatory interpersonal skills through active participation in interactive, international, interdisciplinary class environments;
  6. deepened their understanding of and appreciation for diversity in all its youthful manifestations.


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