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Comments Off on Eradicating poverty: Measuring MDG1 as part of the current and future Development Goals

Lianne Schmidt - IllustratieLianne Schmidt – This interdisciplinary research concerns the conceptualization and measurement of poverty as part of the Millennium Development Goals from the perspective of inclusive development. Although the MDGs are seen as a huge success based on the progress in the field of poverty reduction, these results have proven to be very uneven. Furthermore the way these results of the first goal on eradicating poverty are measured (by the amount of people living below the poverty line of 1,25 dollar a day) has been strongly criticized. These issues have been further examined by the use of both qualitative interviews and quantitative secondary data analysis The results have shown that through for instance the use of multiple and national poverty lines along with the poverty gap, inequality as well as well as poverty could be monitored and reduced more effectively as part of a more inclusive Post-2015 Development Agenda.



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