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The Minor in Conflict Studies provides students with an interdisciplinary perspective that relates the analysis of local, national, international and transnational conflicts. The Minor program familiarizes students with critical theoretical perspectives, the research of different faculty, and with approaches to analyzing and addressing conflict. The minor emphasizes critical thought and the relation between theory and practice. As such, case studies of well-known and lesser known conflicts take central stage and the core courses all provide interactive teaching through guest lectures, role plays and debates, and field trips. Upon successful completion of the Minor students will:

  1. be familiar with the work of founding scholars and the historical development of the field of conflict studies;
  2. have an interdisciplinary perspective on the causes and dynamics of conflict;
  3. be familiar with approaches to intervening and resolving conflict and relating intervention to ongoing concerns for governance;
  4. have an understanding of central conflict analysis models and competence in developing a conflict analysis;
  5. have obtained specialized knowledge on the causes, management, or intervention strategies through their chosen specialization course;
  6. have developed their capacity for critical analysis and argumentation;
  7. have strengthened their skills in presentation, debate, and discussions;
  8. will have experienced the benefits and challenges of working in an a diverse (International and interdisciplinary) environment through cooperation through group assignments;
  9. will be thoroughly prepared for the graduate study in related fields.


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